What Type Of Glass is Least Prone to Scratches?

What Type Of Glass is Least Prone to Scratches?
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You are redecorating your living room and you know you want to add a few pieces of glass furniture into the mix. You are a little worried that your kids and their friends might be rough with the glass furniture. You don’t want scratches and scoff marks on everything right away. According to CM Glass LLC, you can avoid getting scratches on your new glass furniture if you get furniture made with the right type of glass.

Avoid Acrylics

Budget-conscious people are likely to consider acrylic furniture when shopping for home decor. Acrylic is known for its translucent quality and low cost. The disadvantage to acrylic furniture is that it scratches and smudges very easily.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the most scratch-resistant type of glass. Tempered glass is created by heating glass to 1000 degrees and cooling it quickly. This will cause the outer layer of glass to cool and condense. The inner layer of glass will cool down at a slower pace.
The glass becomes stronger when this happens because the inner glass retains tension. Tempered glass is much thicker than regular clear glass. The process also preserves the glass’ transparency.

Tempered glass holds anything you choose to put on it. It is up to 7 times stronger than regular glass. A recent study shows that regular glass breaks at 6,000 pounds per square inch and tempered glass breaks at about 24,000 pounds per square inch.

Although tempered glass is scratch-resistant, you should know that it is not scratch-proof. Hence, it never hurts to use a tablecloth when you eat. Placemats also help.
If you are thinking of getting a wood dining table, consider getting a tempered glass table topper. The topper will add shine to your table while protecting it.

Regular Glass

Regular glass furniture will be more susceptible to scratches. You can get a glass that is treated with scratch-resistant chemicals. You can also use a scratch-resistant spray. If you want to prevent scratches, you should regularly dust your table. When dirt builds up, it can cause minor scratches. If you clean a glass table top with metal polish, it will smooth out scratches.

Toothpaste is an old home remedy for scratches. Simply put a little toothpaste on a piece of cloth and rub gently in a clockwise motion.

Never use much cleaner when you clean a glass table. The chemicals in the cleaner may be harsh and cause scratches in the glass. If you put a hot dish or cup on regular glass, you may cause a stain. Never set your table without putting out coasters and place settings and make sure people use them. This goes for coffee tables and end tables as well.

Glass furniture gives a room an air of sophistication. It reflects light and makes a room look larger. Glass furniture never really goes out of style. If it is well taken care of, glass furniture can last a long time.

What Type Of Glass is Least Prone to Scratches?
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