Creating a fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers

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fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (8)

When we speak about a child’s room, imagination, individuality and style should merge to create a fairytale atmosphere. An important role of the decorating story is played by wallpapers. In an ocean of wallpaper choices, I have remarked the beautiful, joyful wallpapers from Harlequin.

The designers simply delight us with vivacious colors and fine lines that can definitely tell a story. If telling a story is not enough for your imaginative child, what about a scream of pleasure when seeing the new room? For this one – the “What a Hoot Wallpaper collection” would definitely do the trick.  Inspired by the world of birds and forests, having vivid and joyful colors – pink, apple, turquoise-these wallpapers seem to sing! The birds of the forest, looking as if drawn by a child,  come to create an amazing background!

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (16)
We were speaking about personal style of the child, of the house or of the room. Wallpapers must be a mirror of all these and give a naïve, still personal touch of the background for the most beautiful human age. If your child is a sweet girl, dreaming to become a famous ballerina, well you should encourage her! The Polly Pirouette is the choice for her and it will help her focus on the technical details of this delicate and spectacular for of art – the ballet.

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (18)

At some point of our lives, we all had to learn the alphabet and these metaphorical symbols brought us the key to a new world. Do you still remember those times? Well, I think it would have been simpler and nicer if the letter would fly around us striving to show us the subtleties of new meanings (Little Letters). The Rush Collection is made of parallel lines in a bold, casual mix that, just like Brighton Collection creates and urban, dynamic atmosphere and seem to perfectly fit a child’s room is a city. These are just a few ideas how a wallpaper defines a child’s room!

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fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (12)

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (11)

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (13)

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (14)

fairytale atmosphere with joyful wallpapers Harlequin (15)

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