Branch Studio Architects

Branch Studio Architects was founded in Melbourne in 2012 by Brad Wray and Nicholas Russo.

The small team of six is interested in architecture for a diversity of people and prides itself on a hands-on approach to every project, no matter how small or large.

A similar approach is taken to nurturing staff to provide a happy and rewarding workplace.
They do not take on un-paid interns as they highly value the profession.

Branch Studio Architects is not interested in popularity or trends – just good architecture speaking for itself underlined by a rich intrinsic discourse.

Branch has worked extremely hard over the last ten years building on foundations for the next chapter of the practice. Their first book, Proemial, was released in 2017 as a means of evaluating and consolidating a discourse moving forward as the practice expands and grows.

The practice has won a series of both local and international awards – often pushing the boundaries of just facilitating client briefs and making the most out of limited budgets.

The studio finds educational projects particularly rewarding as they have the ability to affect and expose the possibilities of design in multiple people’s lives (particularly kids), some of whom would not who some normally have the means or money to explore.

Both Wray and Russo have ancillary furniture design workshops where ideas, materials and multi-functional sustainability are tested at a one-to-one scale.

Branch believe in a holistic methodology for practice, where one takes on multiple roles from master planning, architecture, interior design, furniture design, and the graphic design of a project.

Heading into their tenth year of practice, they team is excited about beginning work on some much larger-scale educational projects and budgets (AUD$10-25 million) yet still are adamant about maintaining interest in the smallest of projects and their infinite possibilities.

LOCATION: Victoria, Australia


Alterations and Additions to an Existing 60`s Residence: Writer`s House 1

Alterations and Additions to an Existing 60`s Residence: Writer`s House

Writer`s house is an alteration and additional to an existing orange brick veneer residence that was originally designed in the late 1960`s by Michael R. E. Feldhagen. The house was originally built for the current occupants grandparents who were jewish holocaust survivors and immigrated to Australia a few years prior to building the house.

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