Klopf Architecture

C-Through House / Klopf Architecture

Conceived of as a C-shaped house with a small private courtyard and a large private rear yard, this new house maximizes the floor area available to build on this smaller Palo Alto lot.

Eichler Great Room by Klopf Architecture

The Klopf team turned the small front bedroom into a laundry room, powder room, and hallway to a large, added work-from-home office/family room that can double as a guest room.

San Francisco Modern View House by Klopf Architecture

When the previous homeowners of a charming mid-century modern house in San Francisco enlisted Klopf Architecture to remodel the interior and make minor exterior updates

Sonoma Hilltop New Residence by Klopf Architecture

Inspired by another mid-century modern home the client owned, this new residence represents a much larger 21st-century version built into the gently sloping hillside to take advantage of the sprawling hilltop views of the Sonoma valley.

Berkeley Hills MCM Remodel and ADU Addition by Klopf Architecture

High in the Berkeley Hills sits an updated mid-century modern home that for the homeowners, feels like a cabin nestled in the treetops. Klopf designed a remodel and addition to bring the house into the 21st century indoor-outdoor living.

Modernizing A Ranch House by Klopf Architecture

The homeowners had just completed a full kitchen remodel and wanted to modernize more of the house to match the new kitchen and open design with more of a connection to the backyard.

Modern Inversion by Klopf Architecture

Project: Modern Inversion Architects: Klopf Architecture Project team: Geoff Campen, John Klopf, Sherry Tan, and Alison Markowitz-Chan Interior furnishings and decoration: Urbanism Designs Contractor: San Francisco Design and...

Castle Black at Sea Ranch by Klopf Architecture

True artists inspired by socially relevant modern design, architect Geoff Campen and designer Diana Ruiz designed a new minimal, modern, open home they would call their own.

Stanford Mid-Century Modern Remodel Addition by Klopf Architecture

Klopf designed a full gut remodel and major addition to bring the house into the 21st century and provide the living area needed for the client's family.

Sonoma Pool House and Guest House by Klopf Architecture

Inspired by the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe, the combination pool house and guest house was designed to connect the pool area to the original design of the mid-century modern main residence.

Foster City Affordable Eichler Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Joseph Eichler developed his moderately priced houses for the mass-market starting in 1949. His homes were designed using affordable materials and simple construction techniques.

Brown and Kaufman Home Remodel by Klopf Architecture

The goal was to modernize and brighten what was a cramped and compartmentalized 1960s Brown and Kaufman home. Completed in two phases, several interior walls were first removed to open up the living space, bring in more natural light, and improve the overall flow.

Lafayette Mid-Century Modern Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture's client, a family of four with young children, wanted to update their recently purchased home to meet their growing needs across generations.

Palo Alto Eichler Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture completely remodeled this once dark Eichler house in Palo Alto creating a more open, bright and functional family home.

Sacramento Modern Residence with Classic Charm

Klopf Architecture designed and Van Gelder Construction built a new Sacramento modern residence to replace an existing ranch home. The owners, who previously lived in a Streng home (similar to an Eichler), liked clean lines, simple details, and openness to the outdoors.

Glass Wall House by Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects and Henry Calvert of Calvert Ventures Designed and built a new warm, modern, Eichler-inspired, open, indoor-outdoor home on a deeper-than-usual San Mateo Highlands property where an original Eichler house had burned to the ground.

Modern Indoor-Outdoor Home in Los Altos, California / Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture and Outer space Landscape Architects designed a new warm, modern, open, indoor-outdoor home in Los Altos, California. Inspired by mid-century modern homes with today’s materials, approaches, standards, and technologies.

Eichler Atrium Home Remodel by Klopf Architecture in California

Klopf Architecture and Jesse Ososki Art remodeled an existing Eichler atrium home into a brighter, more open, and more functional version of its original self. This Burlingame Eichler atrium remodel is a 2,121 sf, 4 bedroom/2 bath home located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Mid-Mod Eichler Addition Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Klopf Architecture, Outer Space Landscape Architects, and Coast to Coast Construction updated and expanded a classic Eichler home in the San Mateo Highlands. The young couple with two small children came to Klopf with a strong appreciation of Eichler homes

San Carlos Midcentury Modern Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Architects: Klopf Architecture Project: San Carlos Midcentury Modern Remodel Project Team: John Klopf, Chuang-Ming Liu and Ethan Taylor Landscape Design: Growsgreen Structural Engineer: Sezen and Moon Photography ©2016 Mariko...

Mountain View Double Gable Eichler Remodel by Klopf Architecture

This 1,953 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom Double Gable Eichler remodeled single-family house is located in Mountain View in the heart of the...