3 Most Avorable Locations to Live in Florida

The most livable cities in Florida

Moving to Florida is one of the best states to move to America. This sunny region is a wonderful place for people of all ages to live or run business. Here, everyone will find something to do and enjoy the sun and excellent beaches all year round.

The official website Florida.RealEstate has studied 3 communities in the state and shares information about what makes them profitable and attractive cities to live with a family.

Common factors

All the communities described here have common features. Here are a few of them:


Florida is a tax-free state (the national average is 4.6%). Real estate taxes are also low here, with an average effective rate of 0.83% of the property value. The state sales tax rate is 6.0%, and some localities add their own tax ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%, resulting in an average cumulative rate of 7.05%.


The climate in north and central Florida is humid subtropical. However, the tropical climate is more pronounced in the south. From May to October, there are rains and thunderstorms in coastal areas.

3 Most Avorable Locations to Live in Florida

The 3 most profitable places to stay in Florida


The cost of living: 7% below the US average.

The ratio of house price to income: $279,696/$54,701 = 5,11 (buying a home is a little cheaper).

The ratio of income to rent: $54,701/$12,780 = 4,28 (rental housing is affordable).

Located on the northeast coast of Florida, Jacksonville is the cheapest place to stay. The city is close to Interstate 95 and just 2 hours south of Savannah, Georgia. Jacksonville Airport is a hub for many major airlines.

The city has a very low unemployment rate, 5% as opposed to 6.3% on average in the country. This is explained by a strong business cluster of several large companies. Jacksonville is perfect for those who travel to Florida for new prospects.

The cost of living in Jacksonville:
• 7% Below the national average in the USA
• 4% higher than Gainesville, Florida
• 50% lower than in New York, NY
• 13% lower than in Chicago, Illinois
The best neighborhoods in Jacksonville:
• Northside (property value: $200,000 to $1 million)
• Riverside (property value: $100,000 to $3 million)
• San Marco (property value: $150,000 to $5 million)

St. Petersburg

The cost of living: 1% below the US average.

Housing price to income ratio: $284,100/$45,483 = 6,24 (buying a home is expensive).

The ratio of income to rent: $45,483/$13,392 = 3,40 (rental housing is affordable).

St. Petersburg is located on the west coast in central Florida, close to Tampa Bay. Major highways connect the city with other major areas, such as Tampa. There are several smaller airports, but a lot of people use St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. If you are searching for a larger center, Tampa International Airport is only a 30-minute drive away.

The city is famous for its active art districts, museums, theater groups, festivals and events. Recently, it has also become younger and offers many options for nightlife.

The cost of living in St. Petersburg:
• 1% below the national average in the USA
• 5% lower than in Jacksonville, Florida
• 47% lower than in New York, NY
• 8% lower than in Chicago, Illinois

Cape Coral

The cost of living: 4% higher than the US average.

The ratio of house price to income: $229,400/$61,599 = 3,72 (buying housing at affordable prices).

The ratio of income to rent: $61,599/$14,928 = 4,31 (rental housing is affordable).

Cape Coral is located on the southwest coast, near Fort Myers. Interstate 75 connects major cities on the west coast of Florida. Residents prefer to use Southwest Florida International Airport, a regional center located about 30 minutes away.

At first glance, this city seems to be a typical peaceful retreat in which everyone would like to retire. In fact, Cape Coral has a good potential for growth, textile industry and healthcare are well-developed here, and the labor market is not overloaded with high-class professionals.

The cost of living in Cape Coral:
• 4% higher than the national average in the USA
• 16% lower than in Miami, Florida
• 45% lower than in New York, NY
• 3% lower than in Chicago, Illinois

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