Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon / Yaroslav Galant

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant

Project: Bairrista Restaurant
Designer: Yaroslav Galant Innovative Design
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Area: 160 square meters
Year 2018
Photos provided by Yaroslav Galant

Yaroslav Galant Innovative Design studio has finished work on the interior of Bairrista restaurant. The concept of the project is presenting the traditional Portuguese dish “frango assado”, grilled chicken and vegetables menu, in a new way. The restaurant, situated in a modern neighbourhood city of Lisbon, offers takeaway, delivery services also. Bairrista is a Portuguese word used for a proud local.

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 1

The interior colours were not chosen at random. Red is traditionally used in the ads of frango assado, yellow and blue are associated with the Portuguese nature and azulejo (ceramic tiles adorning the interiors and exteriors of old houses).

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 2

The brand wall is composed of the logotype of the restaurant and a well-recognizable Portuguese ornament, the tiles on the floor recall the floor covering in old-fashioned manor houses.

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 3

Large braided lampshades, logs, white marble and metal constructions speak with the guests in the language of local traditions. The lower part of the wine showcase is made of old roof tiles of 7 different shades and remind us of the rooftops of the City Of Seven Hills. The owner of the restaurant, a proud Lisboner, whole-heartedly supported the authors of the project in all their creative ideas and helped realize them.

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 4

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 5

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon

Bairrista Restaurant in Lisbon, Yaroslav Galant 6

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