Restaurant Interior DesignBlack & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

Project: Black & Milk Coffee Shop
Architects: Ponomarenko bureau \ Volodymyr Ponomarenko
Project Area: 18 м2
Project Year: 2020
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Ivan Avdeenko photography
Text and photos: courtesy of Ponomarenko bureau

Where strict geometry (black) is combined with careless, smooth, glossy and white (milk), where barista and stainless steel are responsible for the topic of professionalism, and communities are formed around all this. Where can you sit in a bar, where you can accidentally start a dialogue because you are sitting at the same table that permeates the entire space.

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

We disassembled “Black&Milk” is the name of the coffee house for three elements
Black as black – strict, business, clear, professional, for quality.
Milk like milk – pure, untouched, white, glossy, playful since childhood.
& – unites and creates a community around itself.

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

We have painted different layouts on the glass with a pipette filled with milk.
One of the sketches we chose together with our customers and finalized it.
Realizing the idea of a table that is inspired and drawn by milk & working stainless steel professional surface.

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko BureauDESIGN Black & Milk Coffee Shop

The layout is organized in such a way that the queue for coffee can gather in the container, couples can come and sit against each other, as well as places overlooking the window, as well as a table wrap allows a large company to gather in a circle.
We made a protruding belt from a mirror where there is an LED strip, which shines down and up, thus being the main light in the coffee shop.
Mirror has been specially lowered below the average head level to allow people to do faceless photo.

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

The height of the table is selected so that the landing is relaxed and the person is clouded on the table. Table height is convenient for drinking coffee and working at a laptop.

floor plan

Black & Milk Coffee Shop by Ponomarenko Bureau

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