Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects

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Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects

Architects: SKL Architects
Project: Brook Bay Residence
Team: Rick Sundberg (Principal-in-Charge and Lead Designer while at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen), Misun Chung Gerrick (Project Architect), Mercer Builders (Contractor)
Location: Mercer Island, Washington, United States
Area: 4,400 sf
Photography: Benjamin Benschneider

Nestled into a Mercer Island hillside, this intimate two-story residence emphasizes craft, materiality and the connection to the outdoors. A clear demarcation of public and private spaces is reflected both in the design and choice of materials, with the entertaining spaces clad, inside and out, in copper panels, blackened steel, and concrete, while the private master suite—with its exterior wood siding and interior wood floors, lower ceiling height and light-colored walls—exudes a more intimate feel.

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 1

To make the most of the views toward Lake Washington and Seward Park, the upper floors were designed to contain the main sleeping and living areas, with the support spaces contained on the ground level below.

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 2

Rick Sundberg collaborated with local craftspeople to create some of the home’s compelling details, including the entry and interior doors, blackened steel staircase, glass and metal chandelier, interior copper panels, and a dining table of wood, steel and concrete.

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 3

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 5

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 5

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 6

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 7

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 8

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 9

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 10

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 11

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 12

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 13

Brook Bay Residence by SKL Architects 14

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