Can You Repair a Roof Without Replacing It?

Repair a Roof Without Replacing It

As a homeowner, it seems as though you are constantly worried about whether your home is in good shape. And one of the largest parts of the home that can give you reasons to worry is its roof. Sometimes, the damage to the roof is obvious, while others might be harder to detect, but you know that a roof always carries an expensive price tag and want to do whatever you can to just get a roof repair in Portland instead of having to have it replaced. Read on to find out when a roof repair is possible.

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace

A roof repair may be the solution in some situations; look at your roof’s situation to decide if a repair is what is needed. To do so, consider:

The Age of The Roof

Unless you installed the roof when you built or purchased the home, you may have to call a roofing contractor to determine how old your roof is. You can expect a shingled roof to last between 15 and 20 years, although other materials last much longer. If your roof has shingles and is reaching the end of its lifespan, a replacement may be the only way to go.

Signs of an old roof might be:

● It starts to sag.
● You can see loose roofing granules in the gutters and around the property.
● It has large areas of missing, curling, or blistering shingles.
● There are patches of moss covering the roof
● Some shingles have lost all their granules and are now bald.

If the roof is less than 10 years old, ask your roofer if the damaged sections can still be repaired.

Your Plans for The Home

You know that a replacement will be expensive and may want to do everything to get away with a repair. However, if you plan to put the property on the market, you should know that an old and sagging roof will impact your ability to sell the house or how much you can sell it for. Curb appeal is important, and the way the roof looks makes a big difference. If you are selling, a roof replacement may be your best option.

How Much Damage There Is

Your home’s roof is a natural defense against hailstorms, heavy snowfall, ice, rain, and falling trees, all of which can damage it. Depending on how badly damaged it is, you may be able to fix it with a roof repair. If the damaged area is large or it reaches down to the underlayment, you may have to replace it.

Some Issues That Can Be Repaired

If your roof is relatively new and has not been too damaged by external perils, you may repair it if:

● Your gutter system is clogged and has just started damaging the shingles close to it.
● A few missing shingles might have blown off due to heavy winds. In this case, let your roofer inspect the underlayment and add the shingles you need.
● There are leaks around your chimney. This may simply be due to a rusty flashing or one that has slipped. Call a roofer quickly so that you can prevent any water from coming into your home through that area and causing damage to the interior.

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