10 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Shipping Company for Your Next Move

10 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Shipping Company for Your Next Move
Furniture Shipping Company for Your Next Move

When moving into a new home, transporting your furniture is an enormous task. Beyond it being among the costliest assets in your home, furniture is large, heavy, and awkward to lug around.

Some furniture even holds sentimental value. The last thing you want is for one of your most prized pieces to get scratched, torn, or damaged in some other way during your move. Even with plenty of help from friends and family, accidents can still occur.

Rather than risking damage to your furniture or the property around you, consider working with a trustworthy furniture shipping service. Here are 10 reasons to hire one of these companies for your next move!

1. Enjoy On-Site Packing Services

If you’re concerned that coordinating with a furniture shipping company might be more trouble than it’s worth, it’s not! These services are highly convenient, to the point where you can be entirely hands-off while your furniture is shipped to your new home.

You don’t even need to move your furniture into a position where your movers can access it. They will enter your home, wrap and pack all of your furniture on-site, and safely move it out of your house and into their company trucks.

2. Prevent Damage to Your Furniture

Furniture can be damaged in a variety of ways. You could tear, scuff, or scratch its leather upholstery on a rail or sharp corner. You could damage the paint by colliding with another object. In a worst-case scenario, you could even cause it to crack or break after dropping it.

When you hire a furniture shipping company, you are hiring people who have handled thousands of pieces of furniture to date.

Shipping companies also know exactly how much manpower is required to handle furniture of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Rest assured, they will send a crew large enough to perform the job safely and efficiently!

3. Prevent Damage to Your Home

Particularly when handling sofas, bed frames, and other large pieces, you can easily cause damage to not only the furniture itself but also walls, floors, railings, door frames, and other structures inside your home.

Fortunately, professional furniture shippers are experienced in navigating furniture through the tightest openings. Knowing that they would ultimately be responsible for any damage caused to your home or property, they take the utmost care when moving your furniture in and out of your home.

4. Save Plenty of Time

If you underestimate how many hands you’ll need to haul your furniture, it is a task that could easily wipe out half of your day. If you’re not careful, you may even need to extend your truck rental or delay your move-in date.

With years of experience under their belts, furniture shipping professionals can pack and ship your furniture much faster than the average person. While your furniture is being packed and transported, you can give your full attention to other tasks on your to-do list—such as loading boxes, cleaning, and more.

10 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Shipping Company for Your Next Move

5. Save a Ton of Money

Believe it or not, you can actually save money by hiring a furniture shipping company as well. As they say, “time is money”, and you will save plenty of time by leaving the heavy lifting to a team of seasoned professionals.

Furniture shipping companies also supply all of their own wrapping and packing materials—which, as you might imagine, quickly amounts to a significant moving expense.

What’s more, furniture takes up a large amount of space in any rental truck. By shipping all of your furniture separately, you can downsize your truck and save on rental fees. On average, it costs a homeowner $2,400 to have all of their furniture professionally shipped and moved into their new home!

6. Conserve Space in Your Rental Truck

Many homeowners underestimate just how much “stuff” they have until it comes time to load it all into a moving truck. Unfortunately, furniture often takes up the most truck space during a move.

Rather than overloading the truck, having to make multiple trips, or struggling to find smaller items among your furniture, you can make room for all of your belongings by shipping your furniture separately!

7. Ship Fragile Items with Care

There are certain items—such as antiques, fine art, and other sentimental pieces—that you might not feel comfortable putting inside your rental truck. You might not even be comfortable putting them in your personal car!

Fortunately, many furniture shipping companies also offer white glove services for fragile items. Ship these items separately and have them arrive at your new location without a scuff, scratch, or dent.

8. Avoid a Painful Back Injury

If you don’t lift heavy objects regularly or don’t have the right lifting technique, one wrong movement might result in a doctor’s visit, weeks of discomfort, and a long recovery.

For a professional shipper, on the other hand, heavy lifting is part of the job. In addition to working these muscles daily and understanding the safest techniques to use when lifting heavy furniture, they may have access to special equipment that makes the job even easier—including moving straps, rope, sliders, and dollies.

9. Take Advantage of Package Deals

Despite the name, many furniture shipping companies will also ship items other than furniture—including antiques, art, electronics, and bulkier items that are too large for the average carrier.

Taking advantage of these services will not only allow you to cross off a few extra tasks from your to-do list but also save money. These companies often give customers discounts for bundling multiple services together.

10. Remove a Huge Task from Your To-Do List

During a move, you already have so much on your plate—from forwarding your mail and transferring utilities to packing household items and reserving a rental truck. Save your energy by leaving your most physically demanding task, hauling furniture, to a professional.

Most furniture shipping companies provide an end-to-end service. In other words, they handle all of your furniture shipping needs, from wrapping and transporting your furniture to moving it into your new home. Have peace of mind knowing that it is being handled properly and with care!

10 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Shipping Company for Your Next Move

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