Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Sheen for Indianapolis Climates

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Sheen for Indianapolis Climates

The shininess of a paint’s finish is what is known as sheen, which can reflect more light off the surface. Choosing the right one for your home will help you create the right aesthetic.

New homeowners are often surprised that they not only must choose an exterior paint color but also a sheen. High-gloss sheens are ideal for weather resistance and durability. However, exterior painting in Indianapolis can be done with other sheens too.

Here’s more about different types of paint sheens to help you discover which may be best for your home.

Eggshell Sheen

Exterior paint with an eggshell sheen gives a durable, low-luster finish. It is subtly reflective and easy to clean while leaving your home looking inviting and refreshed. If your home gets a lot of sun, an eggshell sheen may be a nice way to spruce it up.

Satin Finish Sheen

Satin paints are glossier and have more moisture-resistant qualities. They’re durable too, and give off enough reflectiveness to protect your home from UV rays. They’re not too glossy though, offering the right amount of balance. You can easily hose it down to clean it off when it gets dirty, and it’s great on shutters, siding, trim, and doors too.

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Sheen for Indianapolis Climates

Semi-Gloss Sheen

For durability that helps define your exterior, you might want a semi-gloss sheen. It’s elegant and reflective, plus it’s easy to clean, making it a nice choice for high-traffic areas. If you have lots of siding though, it will reveal all imperfections and may not be your ideal choice.

High-Gloss Sheen

If you want the most durable type of paint sheen, you should choose high-gloss paint. It is highly reflective and easy to clean. You’ll love it for enhancing your home’s architectural details.

How to Narrow Down Your Choices with Exterior Paint Sheen

If you’re still not sure about which paint sheen is best, talking with professional painters can help you determine which is best. The more sheen a paint has, the more likely it will be to show blemishes and brush strokes. However, with professionals doing the work, you can expect seamless results.

Those with experience know how to apply glossier sheens and make them look perfect. You can also use different types of sheen on your siding or trim. Lower-luster finishes are less likely to show off any bumps on those areas.

With professionals painting your exterior, you can then go for the aesthetic you want. A lower sheen will give off less glare if your home is often bathed by sunlight. However, the higher the sheen, the more reflective it will be, which can really make your home stand out if it’s shrouded in shade.

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Sheen for Indianapolis Climates

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