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Extension and Renovation for an Summer House

Extension and renovation - summer house in Río Negro, Argentina

NE-AR, an architectural studio from Frankfurt, Germany, has designed an extension and renovation for existing small old summer house in Río Negro, Argentina.

Project description by NE-AR: One Column House is an extension and refurbishment for an existing small old summer house on the shores of a Patagonian lake in the South of Argentina.

The conditions of the existing house lack of an optimum spatial and functional distribution that could fulfill the needs and the manners that the summer house is being lived and experienced: the existing house sits far away from the lake shore neglecting the most privileged views towards the lake and its landscape, while at the same time both neighbor houses at the sides block the vistas towards the lake since their footprints were settled closer to the lake shore.

Besides, the interior space was characterized by a deep dark dinning/ living area with limited relation to the outside with a deficient connection between the kitchen and the private and public rooms. At the same time, the small size bedrooms were inefficient to cope with the actual family growth.

Extension and renovation - One Column House

NE-AR decided to incorporate a detached volume as an extension to the existing house which grounds closer to the lake shore and oriented towards the best landscape vistas, creating an internal patio between the existing house and the extension volume. Thus the new extension establishes a clear division between the public and private areas, the old and the new.

While the existing house will host two large bedrooms, the main bathroom in the ground floor and a secondary bedroom in the first level, all public areas will be linearly organized within the extension volume: open kitchen, dining place and the lounge area; all these spaces will share a wide open wooden terrace deck facing and open to the lake shore.

Extension and refurbishment for an summer house The extension will be mainly constructed by a reinforced concrete structure: a planar roof runs widely from one neighbor boundary line to the other and is strengthened by four inverted beams that converge in the only load bearing vertical element of the house. This column is formed by a pair of twisted concrete shear walls performing in different ways.

One Column House in Río Negro, Argentina One Column House researches on the multiple performances the architectural element of a column could achieve beyond its structural capacity. Firstly, it is an element that marks a central place by integrating in itself a fireplace, while articulates the program by organizing the different functional spaces around it and orienting site-specific vistas. At the same time, it stores the fireplace logs and works as an infrastructural device where the rain water pipes are embedded within the twisted shear walls while opening up the concrete roof enabling natural zenithal light come through.

Location: Río Negro, Argentina
Site Area: 720m2
Built Area: 160m2
Year: 2013 – 2014
Status: Built
Construction Cost: US$200.000
Visualizations: 3D Notos
Credits: Luis Etchegorry, Lars Nixdorff. Collaborator: Marina Rodriguez
Executive Architect: Sebastián Costanzi arq.
Structural Engineer: Ing. Martín Saiz. Urbana Saiquen
Constructor: Sajoux Constructora s.a.
Photography: Mike Mercau

Summer house - One Column House - by NE-AR, an architectural studio from Frankfurt, Germany

One Column House - NE-AR, an architectural studio from Frankfurt, Germany

Summer house in Río Negro, Argentina

One Column House

One Column House by NE-AR, an architectural studio from Frankfurt, Germany

Extension and refurbishment - NE-AR, an architectural studio from Frankfurt, Germany

extension and renovation -summer house in Río Negro, Argentina - One Column House

Extension and refurbishment for an summer house One Column House (1)

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