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House In The Garden / Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem Lamine

The House In The Garden

Architects: Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem Lamine – ARBA
Project: House In The Garden
Location: Veneux-Les-Sablons, Ile-de-France, France
Area: 130m2
Budget: 250 000€
Photography: Hervé Abbadie

” House in the garden ” is a residential project completed by Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem Lamine – ARBA. The house has an area of 130 sqm and is located in Veneux-Les-Sablons, Ile-de-France.

When we first visited the garden in which this house was to be built, we came to the conclusion that the challenge would be one of scale. A high or extended building would have blocked and ruined the full view of this charming orchard. And we had to find the right balance between our intervention (the building’s height and ground impact) and the site proper.

The House In The Garden 1

In addition to being compact and smooth, the building had to give the overall impression of being low to the ground. The gutter line and the down slope perimeter had to be the lowest possible. That’s how the two upper levels of the house ended up being integrated within a wooden roof clad in stick panels. Our target was to make them less readable, to make them fade away!

The House In The Garden 2

The garden level, however, is treated differently. It adjusts snugly to the outside environment. Framed views, crossing views and openings allow for such a relationship. Clad surfaces, for their part, are treated with a rhythmic panelling and embossed wood strips. The strips also contribute in reducing the scale of a blind wall. They bring it within the reach of a human hand.

The House In The Garden 3

The House In The Garden 4

The House In The Garden 5 The House In The Garden 6

The House In The Garden 7

The House In The Garden 8

The House In The Garden 9

The House In The Garden 10

The House In The Garden 11

The House In The Garden 12

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