How Architects and Designers are Helping the Fight Against Covid-19

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Architect in Italy turns shipping containers into hospitals for treating Covid-19

Architects and designers are using their creative as well as technological skills to curate some mind-blowing products as a fighting response to the novel coronavirus. From converting construction buildings to hospitals and using the 3d printing shackle to build protective gear, architects and designers are doing their all to help fight against COVID-19.

Here are five ways through which architects and designers are doing their bit to help the world sustain against the dangerous novel coronavirus:

1. Converting Construction Buildings and Apartments to Hospitals

Converting Construction Buildings and Apartments to Hospitals, Fight Against Covid-19

With the emerging number of cases and the leap of the urgent need of hospital beds, the government and the architects mutually coordinated to convert construction buildings to hospitals to increase the number of beds for the increasing number of patients. The world’s largest shopping centre in Iran was converted to a hospital recently to serve the purpose.

2. Designing Medical Equipment to Help Fight Against COVID-19

Designing Medical Equipment

It is known that with every touch in the surroundings, one increases its chances of getting affected by the coronavirus. Doctors and other medical professionals were faced hard with the daily routine of the treatment.

door handle extension

World’s most famous architects very smartly used the 3d printing technique to create a door handle extension that creates a loop when you stand near the door so that the door opens without touching the handle.

3. Designing Face Masks

Designing Face Masks, Fight Against Covid-19

With the drastic leap of the cases of coronavirus cases around the world, doctors said that every person should change their mask every three days to avoid contamination and self-infection.

Imagine the number of masks then needed by the globe. Seeing the hour of the clock, designers started designing varieties of masks to serve the world. Big companies like Louis Vuitton and Prada are a few among the leading brands to sell embroidered cotton masks.

4. Designing Face Shields

Designing Face Shields, Fight Against Covid-19

In addition to face masks, doctors and other healthcare professionals are strongly advised to wear a protective face shield to avoid even the slightest risk of catching the deadly virus.

With this, the government and the researchers started working on the manufacturing of face shields. Designers were immediately contacted to gauge their inputs, and researchers from the University of Cambridge started the distribution of face shields.

5. Building Domed Pods to Help Coronavirus Affected Patients Isolate

Building Domed Pods to Help Coronavirus Affected Patients Isolate

The loudest scream for coronavirus affected patients is to isolate themselves in an empty room and keep themselves completely quarantined for at least 15 days.

With the shortage of rooms in the house of many, architectural engineers smartly built dome-shaped that can serve as a temporary empty room for coronavirus affected patients to isolate and improve their health.

bio-containment container

With the outbreak of the virus, each person in the world is trying to do their bit to avoid spreading it more. With the same perspective, architects and designers have done their best to help the globe fight the deadly virus collectively.

Author Bio:
Richa Parmar is an architect and passionate in the field of designing & creativity. Her inclination towards nature has made her take up a lot of challenging assignments in the subject of “landscape” and also has made her initiate to write blogs. Presently she works as a Senior Manager cum Architect Blogger at GharPedia portal. You can reach her at LinkedIn.

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