How to Decorate a Living Room with Pallets

How to Decorate a Living Room with Pallets

Decorating with pallets is more than a quirky fashion trend. Nowadays, it is understood as a way of living for everyone aware of recycling and the second life of materials. Pallets made sense in the hand of these recovering profiles, and nowadays, there are many people who no longer want to live in their homes without some furniture designed from recycled pallets. Do you too? Let’s dive in and learn about the simplest examples you can use even now!

Pallet furniture for the home: why choose it?

In a world where differentiation and originality are so tricky to achieve when it comes to decoration, pallet furniture has a double function in addition to aesthetics: practical and innovative. Having a piece of furniture in your home made by hand by recycling wooden pallets for transporting goods is a real privilege and will make the corners of your home take on a special meaning. And what is even more important: pallet furniture is also highly customizable, affordable even for the lowest budget, and building it is, in fact, even easier than it was to google “write my paper” when you needed some high-quality academic help.

This type of furniture is ideal for Vintage, Shabby Chic or Boho Chic, and Industrial style decorations, among others. Whatever decoration you choose for your rooms, a piece of furniture with pallets will be the perfect element to attract all eyes.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently used pallet furniture for the home in the decoration of dining rooms or living rooms, one of the main rooms in any home. If any of them seem fine for you, feel free to take them to your home too.

Hu Residence by KC Design Studio
Hu Residence by KC Design Studio

Pallet sitting spaces for living rooms

Let’s begin by talking about one of the main pieces of furniture par excellence in any living room: sofas. The sofa is our best resting companion, so we must prioritize its comfort as well as being beautiful. Traditional sofas are made up of a wooden structure and also have built-in padded cushions that make it up, so pallet sofas are the best idea for furnishing your main living room, especially on a budget.

With the structure made with pallets and comfortable cushions to give you the comfort you need, you can get a variety of designs to suit all tastes.

Chaise Longue Sofa

The Chaise Longue is one of the most used types of sofas nowadays. Its structure, clearly differentiated by its extension or divan, makes it more practical and stable. Many people decide to include this type of sofa in their living-dining room. The pallet furniture trend also includes the possibility of having a chaise longue sofa made from pallets in your dining room. By building this kind of furniture piece, you are getting four benefits at once:

· Personalized length
· Greater capacity
· Originality
· Differentiation

Pallet armchair

Armchairs or even poufs are auxiliary furniture that cannot be missing in any living room decoration. These pieces of furniture are not as widely used as the sofa, but they do save us a lot of trouble when we receive more guests than usual.

With a good pallet structure and enough cushions to ensure the comfort of your guests, you can create an innovative armchair or pouf.

How to Decorate a Living Room with Pallets

Tables with pallets to furnish your living room

As well as being necessary for most of our daily tasks, tables give a sense of meaning to the room that contains them. In this case, it would not be possible to speak of a living room or dining room without a table. In decorating with pallets, the aim is to innovate by complying with the practical premises of all decoration. Many people opt for this type of decoration to furnish country houses, flats on the beach, or rented flats as it is a practical and trendy solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular table designs in decoration at the moment.

Small side tables

Pallet tables are most commonly used in auxiliary formats, accompanying the sofa or other unique nooks and crannies. You can buy these tables or make them yourself from recycled pallets that have been treated for their intended use. You can combine them perfectly with your decoration and choose the perfect color.

If you are unsure about the color, go for white, as this color is in fashion due to the current trend of decorating in monochromatic tones. A white piece of furniture not only saves you in a simple decoration, but it is also the perfect companion for the most loaded styles.

Bigger side tables

Just as a small table can fit perfectly into your living room décor, the same is true for larger tables. If you think you need a side table but want it to be more or less medium in size, you may try to use pallets to make your own. In the end, if you make a mistake in size calculations, you can always change its size however you please. And you can also add some wheels to your pallet table to make it portable and easy to hide when you don’t need it.

This design is simple and therefore fits into any decorative environment. As in the previous case, you can choose the color you need and place a glass on the top to improve the good service of the table. It is so simple that it is amazing!

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