How-To & GuidesSecurity Systems For Your Home: DIY vs Professional

Security Systems For Your Home: DIY vs Professional

When installing a home security system, you are either stuck with one of two thoughts. The first is you wonder if you have to spend loads of money to install it, and the other is worrying about how challenging it would be to install the security system yourself. The answer to your questions is two different types of home security systems, both of which I will discuss in detail below.

At a glance:

PROS It gives more customizable options The setup is easy
You have a professional team at your disposal It is the less costly option
The preferred option for not so tech-savvy customers The go-to choice for techies
CONS It is the more expensive option It requires your attention 24/7
You are outsourcing your security Less customization options

Security Systems For Your Home: DIY vs Professional

Professional Security Systems

There are different types of alarm systems for home, and probably the most common are professional security systems. These systems are on the high-end spectrum in terms of functionality, but the drawback is that they are overly complex. 

I have listed common features you’d need to get behind when considering professional security systems for more info. 


The complexity of these systems means you would be unable to install them yourself. Instead, you would need to contact a professional technician/installer to properly assess your building/home to advise what system would give you the best results. This technician must be handy if you need to troubleshoot the equipment or make some upgrades. 


Professional systems require professional monitoring. This involves employing the services of a professional team to keep tabs on your home security and make swift responses to any emergencies your control panel sends to the central monitoring system.


The cost of having a professional system includes the fee to buy the security system, the fee to have the system installed and a contract with the professional team that would monitor the alerts on your security system. This contract is usually annually or biennially (every two years). Sometimes you might need to pay for a consultation to determine which system would be most effective on your premises. 


You have near limitless customizable options if you choose a professional home security system. This is because the system is fitted/installed in accordance with what you need. A proper evaluation of your building would determine what is required on-site, and the installations would reflect that need. 

Security Systems For Your Home: DIY vs Professional

DIY Security Systems

There are few tips for installing DIY security systems because they usually come ready to install out of the packaging. Unfortunately, like you have probably guessed by now, this home security type needs you to do all the installation. But it is nowhere near as tedious as you’d imagine, a; itas as it usually comes with pretty straightforward instructions and pre-programmed components. 


There is no team to inspect your site or help with the installation, it is all on you. How much of a challenge you would face when installing a DIY home security system depends on your brand choice. Although most brands try to outdo themselves by making the process the easiest, it can be. 


Like the installation, you are also in charge of monitoring your alerts and notifications. You can have the alerts sent directly to your mobile and take action depending on the emergency level of the notification. While you might not have the wealth of experience you get from a professional team, it puts your security in your hands. 

Security Systems For Your Home: DIY vs Professional


While DIY security systems are more expensive than professional security systems, you end up saving money as all you need to worry about is the lump sum you pay to purchase the unit. In addition, you’d only need to worry about replacement batteries as time goes by if you are buying a wireless unit. Unless professional systems that more likely than not mandate you to have a contract and a subscription plan for the monitoring unit. 


You have little in the way of customization when compared to a professional security unit. This is because the DIY units are pre-programmed and ready to use out of the box. Unfortunately, the ease of installation, which is the very reason that makes this product popular, is the same reason why it is near impossible to customize. 


They are both great security systems for different types of homes and other security needs. If you only need a few sensors around the house, then the DIY security unit is perfect. But if you want a security system that’s better integrated and gives you more security options, then the pro unit has your name all over it. 

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