How-To & GuidesHow To Decorate Your Rented Home?

How To Decorate Your Rented Home?

How To Decorate Your Rented Home?

How do you feel about shifting to a new rental house? It is normal to feel a bit uncomfortable as this place — the neighbourhood, the people — are all strangers to you. There is nothing like home, and four concrete walls only make up a boring house. But do you know how you can turn it into your home? There is a possibility that your landlord will not like you to change the design of their property or allow any major or structural changes. What would you do then? We have got a small secret for you! This article will help you redecorate your rental home without much ado. And guess what? While leaving this place, you can remove them in one go.

Ideas to spruce your rental house

Giving a personal touch to any place you live is a must. It provides a sense of homely feeling that is a little challenging to get in a rented apartment. But not to worry! We will suggest numerous options to work on your rental property with ease. The best part about it is that it requires no hassle and can be done all by yourself.

How To Decorate Your Rented Home?

Putting wallpapers

Wallpapers are known to provide elegance to the room. Add a wallpaper of your choice to spice up the bland walls. Sticking it to one main wall and keeping the others plain will highlight the entire room in many ways. Or how about having a photo wallpaper? Ever wallpaper has numerous designs from which you can select. Visit their online store to order the design of your choice. Their speedy delivery will be of aid to you. Get it customised the way you like! From florals to murals (custom ones too!), from world map to your kid’s favourite character – you name it, and you could have it on your wallpaper. Put these wallpapers, and then it will undoubtedly wow everyone and start a conversation. And do you know what? Stripping the wallpaper when your lease ends will be as easy as it was putting it up.

Doshi Levien: Rug Collection for Nani Marquina
Doshi Levien: Rug Collection for Nani Marquina

Use of fabrics

Fabrics have a dominant role to play when it comes to decorating the house. Spruce up your windows with beautiful curtains that will not only ensure privacy but will enhance the look of your home. Look at the fabric of your sofa covering. Or do you have a leather sofa? Add a snuggly feel with a nice throw. Never forget some plush cushions and cushy rugs! You can even add framed fabric as wall art. Don’t forget to procure beautiful bed and bath linen. Work with a theme – and your home shall exude a designer touch.

Three-Bedroom Apartment with Scandinavian Influences
Three-Bedroom Apartment with Scandinavian Influences, Normless Studio

Frames and wall hanging

What makes a house home is a personal touch. Put up some family frames to evoke happy memories. How about having a ‘wall of frames’? It can be a great idea to revamp the boring white wall. You can also use DIY tricks available on the Internet to make it more interesting – like putting up the frames in the shape of a tree or house. Ensure that the wall or place on which you install these frames should be strong enough to hold the weight.

Buy some furniture

Buy some essential and good furniture. Imagine sitting on a couch with some hot coffee near your window on a rainy day. Isn’t it amazing? But where is the sofa? Purchase it and enjoy it the way you want. Add other furniture – a bed with an impressive headboard, nightstands, dressers, coffee table, dinette set – and see how your house transforms. Shift them, relocate them, and take them everywhere you move – perfect for your rental arrangement!

Guangzhou House Renovation / The Boundaryless by Inspiration Group
Guangzhou House Renovation / The Boundaryless by Inspiration Group

Grow plants

Some greens around can give you a sense of freshness. Buy some low-maintenance plants that you can keep at any spot. If you love gardening, dedicate a place to it. They shall be like your companion making you feel at home immediately.

These subtle yet sure shot ways can spruce your rental property in no time. The buck does not stop here though. You can add plaques with motivational quotes and mirrors, floating shelves, faux grass – the ideas are endless. It will make your house look gorgeous. How does it feel to visualise your dream space? You will be amazed to look at the masterpiece you made!

How To Decorate Your Rented Home?

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