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Discover the latest in interior design, showcasing stylish and functional living spaces. This category highlights innovative designs, modern aesthetics, and sustainable practices. Perfect for designers, homeowners, and enthusiasts looking for inspiration and trends in creating beautiful interiors.

Victoria Faynblat – a Passion for Glamour and Luxury

Born from the desire for beauty and style, for uncommon and spectacular, luxury has been considered the privilege of the rich and famous. It is always related to pleasure, comfort, satisfaction and a sumptuous environment. Luxury is as old as civilization and has been admired as well as criticized. Over the centuries, extravagance has met

A Room for a Girl who Loves Art

As a parent, what room would you choose for a girl who loves art? Around the age of 10 years old, children start to feel the need of privacy and wish to have their own room, decorated such as to reflect the passions and aspirations. It is the age when they start to show the

Dance of Geometry and Color in the Bathroom

A dance of geometry and color describes the outstanding interiors of Brani & Desi.  Branimira and Desislava Ivanova, two Bulgarian young designers, succeed to give a new meaning to shape and chromatic, defining an innovative style. H2O in Geometry is an evocation of sea, an invitation to relaxation and a delight for eyes and mind.

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