Keeping It Clean: The Importance of Maintenance and Its Impact On Homeowners

Keeping It Clean: The Importance of Maintenance and Its Impact On Homeowners

“Housework can’t kill you but why take a chance.” – Phyllis Diller. You know it’s time to get down and dirty when dirt starts piling up around the house, but putting off regular cleaning and maintenance isn’t just a hassle; it can also come with serious consequences, for example, that hole in the roof. Not only do you risk getting seriously water-logged if you haven’t fixed it, but that patch job is not going to be cheap either. You might think, “I’ll have this taken care of tomorrow…or maybe next week” – but procrastination has a way of catching up with everyone.

Breaking Down the Numbers: Understanding the Average Home Maintenance And Cleaning Costs in the US

Cleaning and maintenance on homes is no joke; according to T-Hold, if you own a 2,000-square-foot living space then your yearly expenses on top of the regular mortgage costs could add up to at least $2000. Whether it’s running repairs for general wear and tear or fixing something major that has broken down, don’t forget things like emergency plumbing costs – an unexpected call out fee from one bad pipe can turn into a massive expense. The thing is even with all these costly issues being thrown left and right at homeowners every year, there are ways to minimize repair bills by doing spot checks throughout the entire property, alongside seasonal inspections known as ‘Spring Cleans’ – depending on where you’re at. Heading a common issue off the break means peace of mind and less money being spent over time – so whether it’s checking for cracks, testing out appliances or making sure everything is up to date it’s best not to put this stuff off.

Efficiency and Affordability: How Hiring Outside Services Cuts Down Home Cleaning and Maintenance Expenses

Hiring outside services to maintain your home can save you a nice chunk of cash over the long haul. Reports indicate that when people hired professionals to handle their home maintenance, they saved around $3,258 per year while spending around $1,347 annually. To keep costs down even more, homeowners can shop around for the best prices from several sources before signing anything official (this is definitely the go-to move). Homeowners should also see what deals they can find getting multiple tasks done at once through a single service provider – depending on how many jobs you have going on, this could result in some pretty solid savings. If there’s something that doesn’t really look too overwhelming or too specialized, try tackling that one by yourself instead, as nothing beats avoiding throwing away money unnecessarily. Plus doing things like preventive maintenance early has its own advantages – rather than waiting for the stuff to break – which often results in costly fixes later on. Don’t forget prevention is better than cure and besides all of the cleaning and maintenance, either done by yourself or professionals would make your home look and feel great as well.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and leave home maintenance on the back burner. But while that might save a few immediate headaches, bigger disasters lie in store if you don’t stay on top of it. Homeowners have an implicit responsibility – both for themselves and their homes – to maintain a healthy level of tidiness and cleanliness, whatever that looks like. Whether you do all the upkeep yourself or hire outside services, part of being a responsible homeowner is putting your needs first so that your house can always stay at its best.

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