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Luna Lana Lighting Collection by Stephanie Ng Design

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Stephanie Ng Design is a design studio from Melbourne that offers a range of lighting solutions, as well as custom design solutions in decorations and supplies. In the attempt to make common things special, Stephanie uses combinations of colors, shapes and textures that are unique and different in most cases.

The products made by Stephanie keep their practical basic function, and in addition, by design, they develop a decorative and artistic character, that has the power to create emotion, to move people. Using merino wool, Stephanie has realized braids of various models and combined them with lighting systems resulting unitary products for lighting. These bulbs are wrapped in merino wool and they have received the name of Luna Lana.

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Realized 100% handmade, the braids of wool that cover the bulbs, create identity and give a chic note. The natural question arises whether these braids can catch fire from the hot bulb. Merino wool is a natural fiber that has the ability to keep you warm when you are cold and cool when it is warm. Providing a superior insulation, merino wool reduces the rate of heat transfer to the environment. This wool does not absorb water, being protected by a waxy coating, and if it is lit, it has the property to self-extinguish. Merino has the highest fire resistance in comparison with other textile fibers, that is the reason why firefighters wear wool uniforms. There are two sizes, Junior and Jumbo. These bulbs – Luna Lana – wrapped in wool are unique and can bring more color and charm to our room.

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