Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects

Austin Maynard Architects was established to strike a balance between built projects and bold, polemical design studies. The resulting highly crafted built work and socio-political concepts have garnered global recognition.

Austin Maynard explores architecture of enthusiasm. Treating each project as a unique challenge, we offer unique possibilities and we pride ourselves in sustainable design and experimentation. We work directly with occupants to ensure we understand their wants and needs. It is through this collaborative approach that the richness in our work emerges. We ask for open participation from clients and encourage them to draw, research, question and engage. We embrace deliberative design and ask users to be the authors of their spaces and their city. Where others may see compromise, we see client participation as an exciting enrichment of the process.

All of Austin Maynard Architects designs are concept rich, left of centre and sustainability conscious; styles and singular themes are avoided. Austin Maynard specialises in ideas rather than building type, whether the project be a house in Fitzroy, a library in Japan, a protest shelter in Tasmania or a plywood bicycle. The studio is based in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

LOCATION: Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

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