Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

BN Apartment / Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

The BN apartment includes an open-plan living room-kitchen-dining area, four bedrooms, a home office, two full bathrooms, a pantry, and guest services. The property's strengths were the open view and the light in the apartment.

H Apartment in Hod HaSharon by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

A couple in their 70s purchased this 145 m² apartment in the Sharon area of Israel so they could be closer to their children and grandchildren.

AA Apartment in Tel Aviv by Maya Sheinberger Interior Design

A young couple approached interior designer Maya Sheinberger as they were expecting their first baby girl, in hopes of renovating a 110 m2 apartment, located in a quiet neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fifty Shades of Gray Apartment in Tel Aviv by Maya Sheinberger

Maya Sheinberger Interior Design Studio recently completed this 120 square meter apartment in the heart of the northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The apartment was designed and customized to the requirements of the clients before the beginning of construction.

Vacation Apartment Overlooking the Beautiful Beach of Tel Aviv

This vacation apartment, overlooking the beautiful beach and the urban views of Tel Aviv, was built in the late 1990s and hasn't been renovated since. The owners, a couple with two young children, live in London and come to visit Israel a few times a year.