Microclimat Architecture

Established in 2013, Microclimat is a young firm that prides itself on promoting designs built on the cohabitation of architecture and its surrounding environment. Microclimat Architecture was awarded an OAQ award of excellence for the Berri multi-housing project in 2019 and they were among the happy finalists of the Quebec Lab-École competition in 2020, for the Saguenay school board.

Microclimat has been working in both residential and commercial sectors in Montreal as well as throughout the province of Quebec, and has taken a close interest in issues related to urban densification, built heritage and the right to the city.

Microclimat seeks to logically integrate a residential, commercial or public mandated project within its community. From micro to macro, the firm is interested in the ways in which we inhabit space through our use and within everyday life thereby creating a better understanding of the relationship between personal and shared spaces.

LOCATION: Montréal, Canada
LEARN MORE: microclimat.ca

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