Sanshangshan Decoration Design

About Sanshangshan Decoration Design

Incorporated in November 2014, Sanshangshan Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is based in Shijiazhuang and Shenzhen, with a team of more than 30 designers at present. On June 1st 2018, we forged cross-shareholding alliance with Beijing CJHH Interior Design & Consultation Co., Ltd., hoping to give full play to each other’s advantages in resources to build a cooperative and shared platform and hence to provide clients with design services of higher quality.

Since the establishment, we have been consistently engaging in catering space design, and in 2015 we developed a strategic positioning to group catering space (a branch of catering space design, including canteens, food courts, etc.). Our three co-founders boast more than 10 years of professional experience in dining space design, which ensures the technical support for the company’s development towards specialization. Currently, we are serving some of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises and China’s top 10 group catering corporations. Besides, we have established strategic cooperation with Hidilao (China’s first catering enterprise with the operation revenue reaching 1 billion RMB) as well as a number of well-known domestic catering operators, striving to provide professional design solutions and support for the expansion of our partners and clients.

LOCATION: Shijiazhuang and Shenzhen, China