Selencky Parsons

Selencky Parsons is an award-winning, progressive design practice with a proven track record in creating inspiring, bespoke designs for both existing and new homes. Their projects have featured widely in the architectural press and they were finalists in the prestigious Young Architect of the Year Awards in 2018. For Selencky Parsons, the client and the context are the biggest drivers in any project, and they enjoy the close client relationships that residential work brings. Strong concepts are at the heart of their design process, which, combined with rigorous detailing, ensures that their innovative thinking can be translated into a beautifully constructed building. Their buildings maximise the potential of their sites and are effortless in the way they flow and function. Selencky Parsons projects vary dramatically in scale and budget from small interventions that lift and reinvigorate existing homes to the creation of entirely new one-off houses both in urban and rural locations. Based in South London, Selencky///Parsons builds on this experience and offers clients a highly individual design consultancy service where every project is considered as a new possibility to provide fantastic and unique design solutions that are intimately tailored to our client’s aspirations.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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