The Stylesmiths

Masculine Glamour – Benson Avenue Residence / the Stylesmiths

Masculine sophistication and glamour have been poured into this project, a four-storey mansion the Stylesmiths™ redesigned to promote intimacy within vast spaces.

Biophilic Maxwell House / The Stylesmiths

Biophilic Maxwell house, also known as Biophilia-Slate Home, won Best Sustainable Design in Australia, Design Matters Award and is an NABD winner, recognised widely for its sustainable and innovative design.

Simplistic Residence / The Stylesmiths

Simplistic Residence is a cosy and moody haven nestled in the heart of Ryde, Sydney, Australia. This multilevel duplex split over 3 levels, unveils spaces where simplistic charm intertwines with modern living

Fairlight Residence / The Stylesmiths

Perched atop a gentle rise, offering a harmonious blend of modern elegance and coastal tranquillity, this sub penthouse’s minimalist approach allows the breathtaking Sydney Harbour views take centre stage.

Tonal Bliss Residence / The Stylesmiths

Through meticulous design choices and a touch of playfulness, the Tonal Bliss residence offers a haven of casual liveable sophistication for a young family of four, creating a constant feeling of summery bliss all year round.

Colour Way House by The Stylesmiths

Australia is known for historic residences rich in character and soul, Colour Way House is no exception. The 19th century Victorian weatherboard home has been internally re-vamped

Paul’s Place by The Stylesmiths

Paul's Place was completed the beginning of 2020, perfect for COVID lockdown - An ideal time to adore and revel in his new home, moulded to be “distinctly mine, shoes off and feet up, ready to relax, entertain or be creative.”