Tsai Design

Tsai Design is a multi-disciplinary design practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

Tsai Design is Jack Chen (陳宏才), an architect and designer of many disciplines. Since 2006, Jack has held several design roles in the creative industry. He is currently the Creative Director of Neil Architecture, Melbourne. Through tsai design, Jack has had a number of opportunities to take on a wide range of projects; from architecture with boutique house design and experimental tiny house living, to temporary space design of stage set and exhibition designs, and a variety of furniture and product design pieces. He also had successful collaborations with various international organisations, such as the Tzu Chi Organisation in Taiwan, and Nocton Vineyard in Tasmania just to name a few.

Tsai Design experiments and explores each project for a unique and individual solution. From working with traditional materials of cardboard to 3D resin printing prototyping, From 2D graphic design to VR virtual tours, each project strive to create harmony and coherent as it effortlessly blends tradition and new experimentation.

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
LEARN MORE: http://www.tsaidesign.com.au/