Urbanscape Architects

Urbanscape Architects is an emerging architectural practice, focusing mainly on contemporary design for private residences, multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. The firm is fully committed to the transformative spatial experiences through the exploration of site, typology, materiality, and movement. Operating in a studio setting, the team leverages a collaborative approach to each individual project. They playfully experiment with volumetric geometry, building materials, and spatiality. Their work is dedicated to the design of real, yet fanciful and intimate spaces, and is based on the belief that architecture has a fundamental role in shaping how we experience the world; each project stems from its unique circumstances and aims to leverage the story of its occupants, translating them architecturally for residential entities that truly feel like home. Careful consideration of the context and resources propels the team to follows a method in which the clients’ vision is created visually, understood carefully, and expressed architecturally. With a high degree of involvement, the architectural team collaborates with contractors to maintain tight control of the project quality, delivery, and detail.
Urbanscape Architects is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.