VP Architectural Studio

VP Architectural Studio is an architectural and design studio, based in Ioannina, Greece.  “Conceptual Architecture” is VP Architectural Studio major concern and we strongly believe that “projects”  which are being processed through hard work, are the ones who stand for us. Major Importance has been set in “presenting” architecture through all the possibilities that  are been given with the help of visualisation, production and post production so to display the final level of our work. VP Architectural Studio continues an “every day” research through the society of networks which has an impact, not only in finding new ideas -“conceptual” and “know how in building”, but also in meliorating our skills in design – illustratie – build architecture.

Vicky Poriki
She studied architecture in National Technical University of Athens and graduated in 2008. Since then she created  vp architectural studio in Ioannina and focuses in conceptual architecture, introducing her work, in an amount of “high quality projects” , on a variety of scales such as housing, hotel design, re – housing, interior design, landscape planning and more.