Wael Farran Studio

Wael Farran Studio is a Beirut-based interior architecture practice and home of FORMITABLE, a special line of one of a kind tables. With successful completed residential and commercial projects in Lebanon, Paris, Dakar and Cairo the studio specializes in bespoke homes and refined projects.

Founded in 2000 by Wael Farran, the design studio made its mark in the market due to its innovative and versatile designs. “A designer should never repeat himself” explains Farran, “nor should he limit himself.” This is why the firm’s designs span across various styles from Classical to Contemporary, passing by Neo-Classical, Art Deco and Modern, sometimes with a twist.

Over the years, we have created an environment of trust with our clients, utilized our excellent relationships with suppliers and craftsmen and managed the project in its smallest details leading to a perfect final execution and a seamless project experience.

LOCATION: Beirut, Lebanon
LEARN MORE: https://www.waelfarranstudio.com/