Workshop/APD Architecture

About Workshop/APD

Workshop/APD’s greatest strength lies in the diverse talent and expertise of our multidisciplinary team. We bring global perspectives and vast experience in architecture, interiors, product design, planning, engineering and branding to projects of every type and scale. We pursue innovation relentlessly but never lose sight of the past.

The Workshop/APD aesthetic is indefinable, because each project is characterized by a unique combination of talents and circumstances that is impossible to recreate; the perfect team, collaborators and consultants, endlessly unique project locations, and client needs and desires. However, our work – obsessively detailed and crafted, inviting and intentional – is unmistakable. Our team, led by founding principals Andrew Kotchen, Matt Berman and principal architect Thomas J. Zoli is inquisitive, conscious and above all passionate, finding inspiration in new creative perspectives among colleagues and clients.

WE BELIEVE passionately in the power of good design to shape the human experience, from ground-up architecture to our tactile, sculptural bath fixtures. In our homes, rarely-used rooms become family gathering places, and we set the scene for drama, comedy and romance in hotels and restaurants. Our team dives deep for luxury development projects, studying crash points and adjacencies to develop one-of-a-kind amenities and engaging common spaces that build community and drive meaningful interaction.

Regardless of the location, from New York City to Pebble Beach, or the Caribbean to Aspen, CO, our modern design are at once striking and seamlessly integrated, elevating the experience of users and passers-by alike.


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