Yoko Kloeden Design

Yoko Kloeden Design

Growing up in Japan has been integral to Yoko’s journey and her decision to found the studio in 2015. From a young age, Yoko Kloeden was connected to the sensory details of day-to- day life in the ancient capital of Kyoto – subtle shadows of bamboo, incense filling the temple gardens, soft sunlight playing through leaves of the ‘Butterfly’ trees – that has a profound effect on one’s wellbeing.

An early career in the competitive world of business and finance led Yoko to travel extensively across Asia, North America and Europe, before she settled in London in 2010.

After countless days and nights spent in soulless airport lounges and bland hotel rooms, Yoko Kloeden was led back to fond memories of peaceful spaces and healing architecture with a dream to combine these polarising experiences through interior design.

Today, the London-based studio offers a full architecture and design service working with private clients who benefit from Yoko’s personal experience of living busy, corporate and entrepreneurial lifestyles. Crafting each home – and the process – is designed to bring greater balance and harmony.

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