Zumaooh seamlessly combines architecture, interior design, and decoration to unleash the full potential of a client’s vision. Seizing the dynamic between interior, exterior, light, space, views, landscape, materials, and color, Zumaooh creates a greater whole. When the work is completed, clients find themselves at home and at ease in a remarkable environment attuned to them, and to how they live.

Michelle Wempe
Michelle Wempe is the heart and soul of the studio, working closely with clients to shape and articulate their vision for a project. Combining remarkable talent and insight with a practical, real-world approach to getting things done, she creates spaces for living and working that are just as functional as they are beautiful.

Mark Szumowski
Mark Szumowski is the architectural conscience of the studio — a modernist committed to the honest use and expression of materials. His design talent, technical expertise, and nuts-and-bolts realism enable zumaooh to fulfill the client’s aesthetic and functional needs while respecting their schedule and budget parameters.

LOCATION: Oakland, California, United States
LEARN MORE: https://www.zumaooh.com/

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