King George Boutique Hotel / Maurizio Ascione 3dm

In the heart of Għargħur, a quaint village steeped in history, stands a testament to architectural ingenuity and sensitivity – the King George Boutique Hotel. This endeavor, encapsulated within the walls of a cherished old house of character

Maison Lavande / ISSASTUDIO

Operating in the agrotourism and lavender perfumery sector, Maison Lavande is a family-run company that is well known and appreciated by Quebecers. ISSASTUDIO opens the doors of Maison Lavande's administrative center in the lower Laurentians region of in Quebec

Territoire Charlevoix / Atelier L’Abri

Atelier L'Abri introduces Territoire Charlevoix, a singular concept of experiential camping set in the Canadian wilderness. The vast forest site is located inland between La Malbaie and Baie-Saint-Paul.

The Mountain Cove / MU Architecture

MU Architecture introduces The Mountain Cove, a luxurious residence nestled in the prestigious Mont-Royal Mountain sector of Montreal's Outremont district. Situated near Mount Royal Park, and completed in 2023

Fun Haus / Alexander Symes Architect

Fun Haus seeks to push preconceptions of space per person on a small 117m2 urban site in Inner City Sydney. The primary dwelling is constructed behind the existing cottage frontage and a secondary detached dwelling sits along the rear lane.
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Slow Life Forest House / Sikora Interiors

The investors wanted to create a holiday home, a secluded family space for relaxation and fun with the children. Without giving up everyday comfort, they wanted to experience the closeness of nature.

Brick Aperture House / Kreis Grennan Architecture

A single storey house in Petersham sits on a small lot and presents itself as a freestanding cottage forming a pair with an identical neighbour in a row, bookended by a commercial building and a car park.

Ferrars & York / HIP V. HYPE

Enabled by HIP V. HYPE, designed in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects and built by Ironside, Ferrars & York is powered by 100% renewable energy and presents best practice in climate resilient design and construction.

Murrell House, London / John Pardey Architects

The Murrell House occupies a backland site measuring just 10 x14m. A brownfield site that was a storage yard for a landscape company in the rear garden of large Victorian terrace in Wandsworth.

Cliffhanger House / Cushing Terrell

A narrow and unassuming gravel drive exits a manicured mountain resort community, providing access to 80+ acres of pristine former timber land in northwest Montana.
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