Floris Green Suites by Noa* Network of Architecture

The new "Floris Green Suites" are no less spectacular inside than they are outside. The conventional living, bedroom and bathroom areas have been reimagined in an unusual way.

Casa Rancho Avándaro by Chain + Siman

Project: Casa Rancho Avándaro Architects: Chain + Siman Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico Completion: 2020 Total floor area: 520m2 Photo Credits: Rafael Gamo, Jaime Navarro Text by Chain + Siman In...

Symbiotic House for Life After Retirement in Karuizawa

A villa project for a couple who finished their work to restart a new life in the area of Minami-Karuizawa. The Symbiotic house is based on the premise that the couple will spend the summer and weekends

Townhouse in Brussels Renovated by JUMA Architects

The old mansion in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre had already been entirely dismantled on the inside when we were asked to renovate and enlarge it.

Outside In House by i29 Interior Architects and Bedaux de Brouwer

The Outside In House is built for effective use of energy, with geothermal energy storage, a heat pump, and solar collectors on the roof.

Breeze Blocks House by Tamara Wibowo Architects

The Breeze Blocks House is located at the furthest edge of a matured residential neighborhood in a hilly area of Semarang, Indonesia.

Goop Headquarters in Santa Monica by Rapt studio

Founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop is a modern lifestyle brand and resource for people aspiring to put wellness first. It takes a multifaceted approach to health, travel, and style,

Apartment in Guarda, InStone by DRK Atelier

In an early seventies building, we found an uncharacterized apartment in Guarda, too compartmentalized and with little natural light.

Apartment in Shakespeare Tower, Barbican by Takero Shimazaki Architects

The new apartment project at the Shakespeare tower in the Barbican developed through the initial conversations with its new owners, who previously had lived in Japan for many years.

Hodb Apartment in Anderlecht by B-ILD Architects

The former office space on the upper floor of an industrial building in Brussels was transformed into an apartment for an artist.

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