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About Ben Tynegate

I am a photographer and filmmaker specialising in architecture, interiors and the built environment. I live with my wife Paige in South West London.

Studying architecture as an undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, followed by a Masters in Architecture at Kingston University, served as my catalyst for documenting the built environment with a camera, and developed my understanding of architectural language as well as how to convey ideas through model making, painting and drawing.

I am privileged to have been involved in a wide variety of unique architectural projects, including hands-on experience of building through multiple community-orientated projects in South Africa, collaborating with Teronobu Fujimori in the construction of his Tea House at The Barbican and the RIBA Silver Medal nominated ‘Surbiton Yatai’ project. These opportunities have developed a strong appreciation for spatial narratives and architectural craftsmanship, which significantly influences how I compose images as well as my photographic ‘eye’.

I use both stills and motion to document spaces, and am particularly interested in capturing the interactions between people and spaces. My background in architecture, as well as my experience of working in a variety of architectural practices, means that aside from the realised design, I possess an appreciation for a building’s making and craft, how it’s put together, and work to convey this in my photography.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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