Greg van Riel Photography

About Greg van Riel Photography

Greg’s lifelong fascination and passion for photography started with his father’s Leica camera at the tender age of five. Twelve long years later, Greg was finally allowed to use the camera he’d been admiring since he was old enough to pick it up and drop it.

While other teenagers were sleeping away their summer holidays, Greg was up with the sun and taking photographs in the early light of day. Evenings were spent in the creative isolation of the darkroom mixing chemicals and freeing the images from the negatives. He soon started shooting local motorcycle races and sporting events in his hometown of Montréal.

Moving to Toronto, and a busy emerging film business, Greg van Riel used his experienced eye and his photographic skill to shoot numerous locations for movies, TV shows and commercials.

Now Greg’s photography focuses primarily on Architecture; buildings large and small, and shooting for companies that supply products for buildings. He believes in going the extra mile to capture exceptional images for his clients.

Greg thanks all his clients and subjects for the opportunity to collaborate and create some cool images.

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

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