Ivo Tavares Studio

Ivo Tavares Studio
About Ivo Tavares Studio

Ivo Tavares Studio is a Creative Studio focused on creating photos and video to let your company grow the relationship with your consumers.

From an early age, the various artistic expressions fascinate me mainly the visual, today I’m an Architectural photographer and teacher at the Portuguese Institute of Photography of Porto, I am passionate about architecture and its various forms of representation and interpretation. Along with architecture photography I specialized in hotel photography and interiors.

I was invited to lectures and open classes, I divide my time to photograph, to travel and to enjoy the small moments with the family. I created the platform Archmov, pioneer in video architecture in Portugal. Today I have architectural photography projects published in several platforms of the specialty, as well as in national and international publications of the area.

LOCATION: Porto, Portugal
LEARN MORE: ivotavares.net