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Oliver Pohlmann

About Oliver Pohlmann

Oliver Pohlmann is a London-based photographer specialising in Interiors, Architecture and Commercial Spaces.

Deciding to turn my passion for photography in to a career is the best choice I ever made. As a young child, I often found myself reaching past the comics and kids’ books, instead choosing to admire the pages of luxury property and real-estate magazines.

From quaint cottages and historic country estates, to modern architectural residences and city skyscrapers, the magnificent structures and intricately-designed interiors mesmerised me. When a career as a photographer became my natural choice, interiors and architecture followed suit.

Oliver’s photographic style uses equal parts art and technical knowledge, together with a signature blend of natural and artificial light to capture interior spaces and exterior architecture. His attention-to-detail plus a high expertise in digital retouching helps create images which are requested by some of the most recognised and respected companies in the world.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
LEARN MORE: oliverpohlmann.com

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