Tim Van de Velde Photography

Tim Van de Velde is a photographer of architecture based in Brussels, Belgium.

Born in Kortrijk, Belgium on the 17th december 1976. As good as married, two kids. Sociology degree at the KU-Leuven in 1998. Photography degree at Narafi-Brussels in 2001. Freelance photographer since 2005- specialized in architectural and interior photography. My photographical work can roughly been divided in editorial and commissioned work. Of course added with some free work. For editorial pieces, I constantly investigate new, interesting architectural and interior projects. Commissions consist of work for architects, private clients and public instances. If you have any questions about or proposals for, as well editorial as commissioned work, don’t hesitate to contact me. Although architectural and interior photography is the core working area, other assignments are also welcome. Work has been published in various national and international magazines and books

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