bathroom collection

John Pawson

John Pawson by COCOON Bathroom Collection

Using pure and geometrical shapes, always honoring the ‘golden ratio’, John Pawson managed to bring an iconic collection which feels timeless and familiar. The gracious perfect round shapes and spouts with extremely large radiuses are distinctive features.

Hole Collection by Susanna Mandelli / Rexa Design

The Italian designer Susanna Mandelli has designed the Hole Collection for Rexa Design. Description by Rexa: This collection is born from the idea to revisit the concept of the well, old guardian of the water, in contemporary way. Over counter and freestanding washbasins in white Korakril have cylindrical shape with contrasting black color inside; the

Haute Couture for Your Bathroom: Eva Minge Collection

Eva Minge created this – haute couture for your bathroom – collection of washbasins, cabinets and baths for Marmorin. Eva Minge is a designer born in Poland, with a degree in art history and cultural studies. For nearly 20 years Eva Minge fashion house has been consistently developing its brand identity. The designer’s presentation: „Haute couture”

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