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Fielding House / Cheshire Architects

Fielding House by Cheshire Architects

The Fielding house is a glazed pavilion siting in the dunescape above a coastal golf links. The two planes of roof and main floor are joined by three timber clad conic forms that house fireplace, bathrooms and kitchen.

Waiheke House by Cheshire Architects

Waiheke Residence by Cheshire Architects

The Waiheke Residence was intended to support a version of life that rejected the digitalised and left the hum of the city behind. It needed to deliver a slower rhythm and tune in with the environment.

The Hotel Britomart by Cheshire Architects

The Hotel Britomart by Cheshire Architects

As a building, The Hotel Britomart is a 10-storey object crafted from hand-made clay bricks, its rough surface punctuated by a constellation of sleekly glazed windows, its mass appearing to hover weightlessly over an urban tapestry of cobbled lanes and dockside warehouses.

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