Lake Rupanco House Citic

Lake Rupanco House / Citic

Discover the breathtaking Lake Rupanco House in Chile’s Los Lagos Region. This stunning single-family residence seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, offering unobstructed views of the lake and lush environment.


Casa HR: Maximizing Space and Functionality in a Narrow Lot

Casa HR, designed by o2 Arquitectos, stands as a remarkable example of innovative architecture in the Golf de Las Condes neighborhood of Las Condes, Chile. The project posed significant challenges due to the lot’s unique and irregular shape, with a narrow front of just over 5 meters that widens towards the rear in an L-shaped configuration.

Calafquen Lake House / Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos

Calafquen Lake House / Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos

With simple volumetry and with the challenge of adapting to a terrain with a lot of potential for views and an imposing oak forest, the work arises that is located perpendicular to the lake, on a hill, in order to obtain views framed by the trees, the which, in turn, act as a shelter for the inhabitants and users of the house.

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