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Country House in Zafra de Zanca, Cuenca

Country Cottage in Zafra de Záncara, Cuenca

The traditional ways of the area, the surroundings, the technics available, those are the main conditions that bring the project to its result. This entirely new house is located on a farm in the region of La Mancha Alta Conquense, in Zafra de Záncara.

The Burrow by De la Vega Cano Lasso

The Burrow by De la Vega Cano Lasso

The house as a lair, a hideout, a shelter. A reflection which distorts and expands the garden, while confuses and protects. I can not guess the inside, a bit closer, now i can peep through the great silver oculus drilling the reflection.

Anaz House / Garciagerman Arquitectos

Anaz House, Santander / Garciagerman Arquitectos

The Anaz house lies adjacent to the plane-tree covered path, and can be understood as another pavilion along the way to the palace’s entrance sequence. The Project is located in a rural enclave close to the village of San Vitores, a few kilometres away from the Atlantic Coast, and in the former grounds of the Torreánaz Palace.


House in Güemes, Santander / Zooco Estudio

The ” House in Güemes ” project includes a refurbishment of an existing building and the creation of new construction to complete the program of this particular house. The existing building is annexed to a larger building and separated from it by a large covered passageway.

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