Loft Buro

East West Apartment / Loft Buro

East West Apartment / loft buro

The East West apartment with a panoramic view of the right bank of Kyiv was created with a recognizable, bright color in the “colonial loft” style – a mix of classic European architectural traditions with hot ethnic and vintage elements from the cultures of the East.

Masnavi Capital Office by loft buro

Masnavi Capital Office / Loft Buro

The Masnavi Capital office was named a “warship” during its creation. It is located in a building that rises like a ship over a steep shore and water surface and is looking on the left bank of Kyiv and the Dnipro river

HayLoft, Kiev / Loft Buro

HayLoft, Kiev / Loft Buro

HayLoft is not only a dwelling. It’s a cocktail restaurant, experimental kitchen, bar counter, exposition, showroom, DJ place and a friendly atmosphere both for kin and a great many friends. The kitchen is an independent kingdom.

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