Quantum Table is Inspired by the Motion of Subatomic Particles

American designer Jason Phillips has designed Quantum table, an elegant dining piece of furniture. Quantum is a dining table that interprets what the movement or path of subatomic particles might look like. Heavy gauge steel wire is hand-formed, then powder-coated black. This forms a pedestal base for a lacquered orange corian top.

One-Two Collection by Endri Hoxha

One-Two is a collection of supplies made by the Canadian designer Endri Hoxha, founder of Ehoeho design studio. All the pieces from the One-Two collection have a common element, namely the presence of some vertical slots as support for magazines, books or documents.

Fletcher Capstan Table

Fletcher Capstan Table

DB Fletcher 2nd Edit with Music from Morph Studio on Vimeo. Designed and built by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor, a British company that manufactures luxury furniture, Fletcher Capstan Table is unique and special by the fact that it has the ability to double its surface by rotating 120 degrees, with the help of a complex technical system.

Nebbessa Table: Nuvist Materialized Concept of Elegance

The new technologies and modern materials have allowed to the Nuvist designers to try to materialize the concept of elegance, make it tangible and to be able to suprise the visual sense through fluid geometry. Thereby, project Nebbessa table has interceded the meeting between functionality and a unique elegance, characteristic to the art. This type

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