New FAINA Collection Dedicated to the Idea of ‚Following the Sun‘

Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA

Project: Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA
Brand: FAINA. Live Ukrainian design
Creative director: Victoria Yakusha
Photo: Vova Klever
Style: Nastja Savchenko

Guided by the philosophy of live design, FAINA stops frequent production of items during the year. The collection will be renewed twice a year — during the Winter and Summer solstice, days with powerful terrestrial and solar energy.
“We follow the Sun and begin our new cycle with it. Solstice is a time of regrowth and renewal”, comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA studio of live design.

Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA

The new FAINA collection includes floor lamps, sconces, a pendant lamp, a table lamp, coffee tables, and a bench designed in a primitive style and dedicated to the idea of ‚Following the Sun‘.

“There’s something primal and natural in Following the Sun. From ancient times our ancestors built their lives around the solar cycles and lived in harmony with nature. In our new collection, we are going back to the basics. Primitive shapes and simple design. To follow the Sun means to follow the essence, our true selves.”
Circular motifs, naive design, primitiveness, living materials — are the main features of the new collection.

Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA

In many cultures the Winter Solstice was associated with the natural beginning of the year honored by festivals and rituals. A sacred living fire and light are traditional symbols of celebrations reinterpreted by FAINA in modern lighting.

Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA

The set of floor lamps SONIAH (big, medium, small) are modeled after a sunflower, which is of special importance in Ukraine. Living creatures grow out of the ground and greet the Sun with the massive heads. The concept is continued in a pendant lamp, a table lamp and set of sconces originally presented in white, available in palette of natural colors.


Handcrafted with a technique used for traditional Ukrainian dwellings a long ago, SONIAH lamps feature living textures made of a unique organic material ‚ztista’.
Ztista is a blend of clay, paper, wooden chips, and straw. The material is a special invention of FAINA, which could be used both for indoor and outdoor.

cofee table

SONIAH bench and SONIAH coffee tables are made of ashwood in natural or black color. Finished with soft textile seating, SONIAH bench stands on rounded wooden legs which are like strong sunflower stems fed with energy from the ground.

Following the Sun: floor lamp

SONIAH oval coffee table is composed of an uneven tabletop on a huge leg which seems like a couple of stems, mystically grown together. Besides the oval, the new collection includes three more models of SONIAH coffee tables -low SONIAH on one leg, high SONIAH on one leg, and SONIAH on two legs

Following the Sun: New Collection by FAINA

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