C Villa, Koh Samui, Thailand / VarroDesign

C Villa, Koh Samui, Thailand / VarroDesign

What would you expect while on a trip to Thailand? That was the question that led the conception and creation of C Villa, a new vacation apartment complex on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

living room

Nong Ho House, Thailand / Skarn Chaiyawat

Overlooking a scenic landscape near the foot of the mountain, this house was stretched from north to south across the plot to let the view soak into every room and defined the private garden and swimming pool to the west and parking area with a small garden to the east of the house.

Villa Backyard / TOUCH Architect

Villa Backyard / TOUCH Architect

TOUCH architect designs its Villa Backyard with a dramatically sloping roof. The villa’s sharp and triangular roof sits right above a pond that is in need of fresh water.

The Reflection House in Bangkok / AUN Design Studio

The Reflection House in Bangkok / AUN Design Studio

The Reflection house is built on the original ground of the existing house. While the location is closely surrounded by adjacent houses, the design intentionally reflects the memories they both had created over the years within the neighbourhood,

Flower Cage House in Bangkok Anonym Studio

Flower Cage House in Bangkok / Anonym Studio

“Flower cage house” is a former housing estate size 60 sq.wa with internal area of 300 sq.m. The owner wants to renovate the house that was over 10 years to provide space that suit the needs to its full capacity.

New Bangkok House

New Bangkok House for an Extended Family

The new Bangkok house for an extended family is located on the same property as the owner’s old home. The two residences stand in a parallel orientation and are separated by a swimming pool,

Samui Villa in Thailand 1

Samui Villa in Thailand / Sicart & Smith Architects

The concept of 180 Samui villa started with the analysis of this particular site: A breath-taking view to Chaweng bay (KohSamui, Thailand) and a massive rock where the project has to hang on. The result is a horizontal design, low rooflines and a simple color and material palette to make the space belong to the environs.

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