The Horizontal Shower can “wash” any stress and fatigue

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The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (10)

What could we associate with the idea of total relaxation? We believe that a horizontal shower system could eliminate any tension from our body and it could “wash” any stress, revitalizing the body and mind. We stopped at the technology offered by the Swiss company Dornbracht that allows the pleasure of a horizontal shower, providing a natural water experience and sensations.

The Horizontal Shower included six WaterBars that are recessed in a wide-area shower field located above a recliner. The shower allows the combination of different types of flow, providing preprogrammed choreographies of water  temperature,quantity and intensity. The user can decide from among balancing, energizing or de-stressing effects.

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (1)
The shower cabin is controlled with the help of some  electronic controls located at the head of the recliner, that allows to comfortably control from the prone position. The user can enjoy the shower horizontally, lying on his back or on the belly, the recliner is equipped with a heating system. The Horizontal Shower can be used both in private and public locations. The Horizontal Showers are the expression of a new architectural approach that seeks opportunities to return to a healthy and harmonious life. Design: Sieger Design / Choreography: Schienbein + Pier

Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (2)

 Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (3)

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (4)

 Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (5)

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (6)

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (7)

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (8)

The Horizontal Shower - Dornbracht (9)

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