Tips for a More Organized Garage

Tips for a More Organized Garage

Does it feel like you are running out of space in your garage? Is it so cluttered that you feel like you can’t even use the space? While expanding the garage might be an option for some, it isn’t for most of us. Most homeowners will need to manage with the garage they have.

What can you do if your garage doesn’t have enough space? What if your garage is so messy that you can barely get in there? The answer to these problems is to spend some time organizing the garage. Most people would be surprised at how much space they can free up with a little organization.

However, your garage might be a serious mess packed with all manner of things. You might not even remember half of what’s in there. This post will provide some simple tips to help you get your messy garage back under control.

Assess the Situation
The first step is to assess the situation. Go to the garage to get an idea of what you have out there. Not only the types of stuff but also an idea of the volume. Along with that, consider the size of the garage to get an idea of how much space you have for storage.

Once you have assessed the situation, develop a plan for what you want from the garage. Consider making an outline of your goals. Include points like the types of items you want to store and whether you want to work out there. You should also note whether you want to park your car in the garage sometimes.

Empty and Sort
You’ll need to empty everything from the garage to get started. Open the garage door and start moving things to the driveway. You’ll also need to sort items when you move them to the driveway. For example, put tools with tools and separate seasonal items and keep them together. You should also make piles for things that will be thrown away and items you might be able to sell, donate, or give away.

Map it Out
One problem for many garages is that there is no order to where things go. People just put stuff in there on an as-needed basis. If you want to get the most from the space you have, you need to create some sense of order for the garage.

One way to do this is to draw a floor plan for the garage and map out different areas. For example, you could have a work area, an area for yard equipment, and an area for bikes and sports gear. You just need to be realistic about what you can fit in the different zones you create in the garage.

Use Wall Space
Another problem for many garages is that people just stack things on the floor. If you want to get more from your space and keep the garage organized, you need to use your walls. Look for empty wall spaces and consider the types of things you could keep there. Shelves are one obvious option for creating storage space on the walls. Hooks and magnetic storage can also offer ways to get more storage from wall space.

Invest in Racks
Various storage racks can also help you get more from your space. You can find specialized storage racks for things like rakes and shovels. There are also racks you can buy for winding things like extension cords and hoses. Another smart option is to buy racks that use the space near the high ceiling of the garage.

According to an expert from Affordable Ceiling Storage Racks, “Overhead racks can do a lot to help you get your garage organized. They can allow you to move stuff off the floor to keep the space clear, and they can fit above the garage door. You can even find different sizes and designs to meet different needs.”

Remember Accessibility
Accessibility is an important point to consider when organizing your garage. You wouldn’t want to bury items you use frequently behind or under others. For example, you wouldn’t want to have to move your Christmas supplies to get to your wrenches. You must consider how often you use items when planning how and where to store them.

Create a Workstation
Do you want to be able to work in your garage? That is a goal for many who undertake a garage organization project. However, you will need to plan a space for your workstation. Just like the other areas of the garage, you should try to get the most from the space available.

One tip is to build a workbench. It can be the focal point of the workstation, and you can add storage solutions around it. For example, you could add drawers under the bench or shelves above it.

Various wall storage racks could also be useful in the workstation. You could also consider building a fold-out workbench to save space when the bench isn’t in use.

The final tip for garage organization is to keep at it. Always put things away in the correct place when you are done using them. When you need to add something new, be thoughtful about where you put it. You should also plan an annual cleaning to keep things neat and in order.

Tips for a More Organized Garage

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